Laughs. Tears. Angers. Jokes. Argument.

Thousand problems had come to test us but we managed to solve it and yet millions others are waiting

But… true friends don’t deceit each other

True friends forgive and forget

True friends doesn’t think twice to help

True friends are never apart no matter how miles of distance lie before our eyes.

Khartoum. Kairo. Jakarta. Qatar. Rome. Gaza. Makkah.

No matter where we are, In sya Allah, our hearts will always be close to each other.

I’ll see you at the other part of the world.



Love comes without invitation.

Love doesn’t even knock on your door.

Love doesn’t even ask who you are or whom you are with.

It sneaked under your nose,

Cleverly, cunningly perched in your heart without notification.

All in sudden, it just knocked you down.


Rende, Oct. 28 2011  12.04 PM

It’s Friday, I’m in Love!

* Full Moon taken on June 6th 2009 up above my terrace in Jakarta. The camera was shaken accidentally, so the moon was accidentally blurred into the heart shaped. I dedicated this to those who are in love…